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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Fantasy Ruins WIP

 After reading a post on Gisby's Gaming Blog I had a look at the REDvectors site. One thing I've fancied is a fantasy 15mm mdf ruins kit. The pictures above and below are 28mm from the REDvectors site, but definitely fitted in with the style I like (Tudor-ish), so I got in touch with Mick @ REDvectors.

He redesigned these ruins for 15mm (it's not just a case of hitting the "rescale button") for me. It was a great experience and the results have come out exactly as above but for 15mm (including the pile of  ladders). I'll be getting back in touch for him to "rescale" a couple of the other ruined kits he has displayed!

All that remains is the build and paint. MDF is obviously a bit smooth, so I'm going to put a textured paint on the outer walls. The beams would make this awkward so I've started the painting process before the build.

The floors have been sprayed brown and given a dark wash. The both sides of the walls have been given a spray of white. The insides will be given a paint of some different colour. Looking around, people seem to paint the outside beams black or brown. Neither truly suit me, so I've sprayed them black with a light spray of brown , which I'll add to with some lighter dry brushing (at the same time as the flooring).

I've still to figure out exactly how to do the textured paint. I don't want it too rough and sandy so I'm going towards wall filler (spackle), pva and some colour. As you can see this is getting close, so best decide (and test!)

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Demonworld City Guard

I have admit that these have been sitting completed for a couple of weeks waiting to be photographed. Ral Partha's Demonworld\Blighthaven City Guard. As mentioned in a previous post I've misplaced one of the spearmen, so to add to the numbers (and give a bit of diversity) I've added in a Medieval Knight (from an unknown manufacturer).

These are great figures with loads of detail. Strangely the crossbows are the first I can remember painting with the authentic early big flat triggers (in any scale)! I'm looking forward to getting them on the table for a game.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

The Laketown Cheese Thieves

I had the pleasure of playing Jimboba (author of the Warchest blog) at Falkirk Wargames Club this week. We'd agreed a 400pt game of Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes. I brought along my Dwarf warbands whereas Jimboba had his super cure Splintered Light animals.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Spaceport WIP

It seems that there is nothing like a "workspace update" to signal the grinding halt of any progress on the featured project. But just to show I've at least managed something (even if not painting), I've been working on my 15mm Space Port.

The paper terrain Graffam elements are all done. I've used:

  • The Outpost (v1)
  • The Observation Post (v1)
  • Checkpoint
  • Spaceport Crates
  • Spaceport Battlemap #1
The Battlemap is printed on banner vinyl by Pixart Printing. It is printed full size as provided which is technicalled for 28\30mm but as you can see works perfectly for 15mm

The other kits are reduced by around 60%. I say "around" as I don't actually scale them down. I use the Adobe Reader print option to "print multiple pages on a sigle side" and print 2 per page. Having measured this up of other (fantasy) kits it comes in at around 60%, which is ideal for based 15mm. 

The small card pieces are obviously quite light by themselves they require some sort of weighing down. Being Scottish I obviously have a spare (out of date) bag of Scotch Broth mix at the cupboard which is perfect for the job. Just partially fill the piece before is is sealed shut, this will not only add weight but lower it's centre of gravity for extra stability.

Now for the difficult part, getting the toy craft painted - queue delay for next update....

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Workspace Update

My Spugs are going to need someone to battle with, so I've made a start on a force of Critical Mass ARC Fleet Recon.

I wasn't completely sure how to be painting these guys. My natural choice was a brown/green scheme, but with the Spugs being green I decided I wanted a scheme that was completely different. So I've done a single test figure.

After a little bit of "evolution" I've the pallet I'll be going for...

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Ral Partha Spugs

Finished  my Ral Partha Spugs (Space Bugs). Really enjoyed painted these. 4 troopers with rifles (different poses), another Officer with a pistol, a Leader with Power Glove and Blade, Heavy Weapon setup, Support gun and hover bike. This is the entire range but should be enough for most skirmish games.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Monday, 9 January 2017

A Slow Start

Well, we are into 2017 now, so the 15mm push is officially on. The Festive Season disruption is slightly extended in my household as there is a family birthday early January, so "serious" hobbying is slow until mid January usually.

But just to assure you I am on the case, here is a quick piccy of my first 2 figures for my Ral Partha\Demonworld Town Guard. I only did two to get my eye in after not having painted since November - especially for this scale again. In hindsight I probably shouldn't have started with 2 main warband characters, but it doesn't matter now.

I'll get them based and properly snapped in a group shot when the rest are done.