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Sunday, 9 April 2017

Fantasy Ruins WIP

 After reading a post on Gisby's Gaming Blog I had a look at the REDvectors site. One thing I've fancied is a fantasy 15mm mdf ruins kit. The pictures above and below are 28mm from the REDvectors site, but definitely fitted in with the style I like (Tudor-ish), so I got in touch with Mick @ REDvectors.

He redesigned these ruins for 15mm (it's not just a case of hitting the "rescale button") for me. It was a great experience and the results have come out exactly as above but for 15mm (including the pile of  ladders). I'll be getting back in touch for him to "rescale" a couple of the other ruined kits he has displayed!

All that remains is the build and paint. MDF is obviously a bit smooth, so I'm going to put a textured paint on the outer walls. The beams would make this awkward so I've started the painting process before the build.

The floors have been sprayed brown and given a dark wash. The both sides of the walls have been given a spray of white. The insides will be given a paint of some different colour. Looking around, people seem to paint the outside beams black or brown. Neither truly suit me, so I've sprayed them black with a light spray of brown , which I'll add to with some lighter dry brushing (at the same time as the flooring).

I've still to figure out exactly how to do the textured paint. I don't want it too rough and sandy so I'm going towards wall filler (spackle), pva and some colour. As you can see this is getting close, so best decide (and test!)