Tuesday 28 July 2020

All Stop

Life and Ambitions have combined and I am mothballing this blog in favour of just running one at http://weeblokes.blogsot.com (my original blog)

As I find myself managing to play less at the moment I need all the content I can muster, so I'll also be slowly transfering posts over to there as well. Any new 15mm Skirmish posts will only appear there. Thanks 😊

Monday 3 June 2019

15mm Space Derelict Project - part 1

I've been looking at my 2nd Edition Space Hulk tiles for ages, saying to myself that I should press them into action for 15mm. Some after some (or a lot) of dilly-dallying a start has been made!

Tuesday 30 April 2019

Undead Breakthrough

The long Easter weekend saw the us all (the family) head of to visit relatives (via the obligatory queuing traffic). Being away from the chores of work and home would give the chance to play a game with my son, so the Skirmish Board was packed.

Wednesday 17 April 2019


Something that's been sorely missing from my 15mm terrain collection are trees, or at least ones based in small groups (I've done a few individual ones).

Thursday 28 March 2019

Actual Gameplay

Evidence that occassionally I do play a game or two!

Managed a couple of games of "Song of Blades and Heroes (revised edition) at Falkirk District Wargames club.

We were playing the "gunpowder plot" scenario from the Warhammer\Mordheim scenario conversion document. Basically a treasure grab, but the treasure can blow up! The second picture is from the second game where my fighter quickly dropped his barrel to help his leader, but in doing so set off a catastrophic chain reaction of exploding barrels reminiscent of those last seen in the original Doom game!!

You have to laugh (or you'd cry...)

Tuesday 22 January 2019

Demonworld Magic Users

Managed to get some much needed magic users painted up for my warbands. These are Demonworld figures for the Blighthaven Questing Heroes pack (available here https://www.15mmskirmishsupplies.co.uk/product/questing-heroes )

Saturday 12 January 2019

Ion Age Knights

Some Old Retained Troopers from Alternative Armies

As some background to the colour scheme I've used here, back in the days when Ebay was only an auction site for amateurs, I picked up a few 28mm versions of these lads, all sprayed a golden colour with a couple of highlights. I always meant to repaint them but never got round to it and they had quite a few battles. So when I found their little brothers in my lead pile it was obvious I had to replicate the colour scheme! 

Happy the way they have come out, especially how well the backpacks have appeared!