Monday, 3 June 2019

15mm Space Derelict Project - part 1

I've been looking at my 2nd Edition Space Hulk tiles for ages, saying to myself that I should press them into action for 15mm. Some after some (or a lot) of dilly-dallying a start has been made!

One thing that will be required are a number of Xenos. I am using Pendraken aliens. At 10mm scale they don't individually tower over any of my 15mm figures, but size to shoulder height hunched up (I'll put up some comparison shots once they are finished). Once a horde of them is rushing down the corridor having eviscerated another character though I don't see the size being the main concern!

These, like zombies, are the closest I get to "Canon fodder" markers. They mark the threat rather than any character and are there en-mass. So, in order to not get bogged down, I've kept the painting simple with base coats and dry brushing. As you see I'm currently grinding through the basing process, but I'll probably return to the figures to highlight teeth and claws.

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  1. Seems like you had the same idea as I. I've also been planning to use an old Space Crusade board. Also, I'm curious to what ruleset you're going to use.
    Aliens look great so far!

    PS. Is there a way to follow your blog? The 'Follow' icon seems to be missing.