Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Spaceport WIP

It seems that there is nothing like a "workspace update" to signal the grinding halt of any progress on the featured project. But just to show I've at least managed something (even if not painting), I've been working on my 15mm Space Port.

The paper terrain Graffam elements are all done. I've used:

  • The Outpost (v1)
  • The Observation Post (v1)
  • Checkpoint
  • Spaceport Crates
  • Spaceport Battlemap #1
The Battlemap is printed on banner vinyl by Pixart Printing. It is printed full size as provided which is technicalled for 28\30mm but as you can see works perfectly for 15mm

The other kits are reduced by around 60%. I say "around" as I don't actually scale them down. I use the Adobe Reader print option to "print multiple pages on a sigle side" and print 2 per page. Having measured this up of other (fantasy) kits it comes in at around 60%, which is ideal for based 15mm. 

The small card pieces are obviously quite light by themselves they require some sort of weighing down. Being Scottish I obviously have a spare (out of date) bag of Scotch Broth mix at the cupboard which is perfect for the job. Just partially fill the piece before is is sealed shut, this will not only add weight but lower it's centre of gravity for extra stability.

Now for the difficult part, getting the toy craft painted - queue delay for next update....


  1. Great stuff. Looks like a great spaceport to battle over/in/through.

    1. Cheers, Sean. I think, as ever, the crucial factor will be the ability to run different objectives in the essentially the same environment.

  2. You have an impressive amount of stuff assembled on that tabletop. Amazing!

    1. Thanks, Fincas. A few bargain finds for the Space Craft really help set the scene I think.