Tuesday, 23 May 2017

15mm Fantasy Ruins Complete

With a few other non-gaming projects getting in the way it has taken a while to get these ruins completed, but finally they are.
Following on from the previous post, once all the beams, floors and walls had been painted\washed\dry brushed appropriately I mixed up some textured paint for the outside render.

This haphazard slop consisted of paint, pva, ready mixed wall filler (spackle) and a bit of sand. I wanted the consistency to be nice and sloppy for a thin-ish coat. I also didn't want a very sandy finish , I wasn't basing figures here, so I was mean in the amount of sand used. The surface still came out quite rough none the less. I tried to leave room for the beams as they were being PVA glued into place right after the render was applied (ie still wet). The potential for mess was quite high!

Once all dry I weathered the walls slightly with a light wash, dabbing liberally with some kitchen roll to break up the texture. I  gave the render a light dry brush of off white to try and tie the walls shades together. I also touched up the beams best I could where the render or dry brush had lapped onto the darker colour.

The ruins were still looking a bit tidy for me, so it was a case of putting some rubble onto the floored areas, trying to make sure not to impede any vantage points for figures during the game (in front of windows, etc)

To finish off I bought in a sheet of Classic Tiles from Warbases to do the roofs.

I am very pleased with the end result. I need to make some rubble terrain patches to scatter round the table next.


  1. Wonderful ruins and nice street views!

    1. Cheers, Phil. I think they'll be just the job.