Tuesday, 22 November 2016


I was going to give this post a catchier title, but inspiration fails at the moment. Also it's about trees. On the surface not very exciting, but in reality (or at least the tabletop version) a couple (or more) of trees dotted on the table really bring it to life.

One of the problems for a cash strapped Dad like myself is the cost of quality trees. So when hunting on Ebay I stumbled across a supplier of cheap trees (with that terrifying ebay tag "from China") for around £9 for 20 (18 months ago) I thought I'd take the plunge. They arrived in due course and then sat in their bags until now.

Plastic textured trunks and plastic parsley like foliage. I liked the shape of them, they just needed some touching up. So some light spraying of green paint,a bit of dry-brushing to the bare plastic trunks and a little light green foliage highlighting (or blobbing to be more accurate) and here we are. Based on 25mm mdf bases I bought from Warbases at Targe. Pretty happy with how they look even with my quick pimping. Only another 16 to go...

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  1. An advantage of 15's is that regular trees really look like trees. They usually seem a bit tiny in 28's.