Saturday, 19 November 2016

More Undead Arise

Fresh off the paint table (or as fresh as the Undead can be) are a bakers dozen of Skeleton Warriors from (codes HOT99 "Skeleton Eternal Guard", HOT40 "Skeleton Archers", HOT41 "Skeleton Spears"). Just looking at the online catalogue pictures I seem to have lost one of the archers in the months between purchase and paint table. I wonder where?.

For all their perceived simplicity, skeletons miniatures can be a mixed bag at any scale. These are more recently released than the packs containing my previous skellies from  and to my eye are nicer sculpts with some interesting realistic poses, with archers reaching behind themselves to their quiver or nocking an arrow. In fact I don't know if I have better skeletons in 28mm!

This should bolster out my Undead force and give me enough not only options to have a full skeleton warband but give me better numbers for an opposing force when playing solo (quite a few figures can sometimes be required for Two Hour Wargames PEF resolution).


  1. Much better than those previous, at least these are posing differently.
    If I had to choose skeletons, I'd probably pick up some from Khurasan or Battle Valor Games, or maybe kitbash some using the skulls sprue from (I saw some undead cavalry made like this)

  2. I'll have to have a look at those ranges for future reference. Cheers, Reed.