Thursday, 8 December 2016

Amera Wilderness Terrain

Quite often wilderness settings on the tabletop are mostly flat and in forests. After recent visits to Glen Trool and Killicrankie it came to my mind that even smaller scale encounters in real (historic) life take advantage of terrain and I've been fancying some rocky hillocks for my future battles.

These pieces are from Amera Mouldings. They sit in their 28mm Fantasy Realms section so may be missed for 15mm. As ever prices are very reasonable, with the largest piece, "Moorland Hillock" coming in at £4 and the 3 piece "Scenery Set" £5.

I used textured spray paint on these before using an array of other spray paints to get the base colours down. A dark wash on the rocks and a few dry brushes of increasingly lighter gray on the rocks saw the painting done. The grass areas were then flocked with a couple of shades of Javis flock.

To my eye these actually work better in 15mm than 28mm for tactical movement, turning from minor obstacles to intervening terrain and together they give a great impression of hilltop moorland.


  1. These look very nice. I like the idea of rocky ground that is big enough that it blocks lines of sight.

    1. Me too. Should give a few extra tactical options or at least that's the theory! The proof of the pudding will be in the eating (or playing).