Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Slap! Miniatures Space Knights

Back in the distant past (1993) the Grim Dark Future of mankind wasn't quite so grim and dark....

Technically I should be painting something from the shop for demo purposes, but I'd taken advantage of a couple of sale items from Slap! Miniatures and in a rush of enthusiasm based them up and put them on the workspace.

Now we're not going to kid ourselves about where inspiration comes from when manufacturers bring out Space Knights, Sci-Fi Templars, etc. So we'll mention no connected names!

I'm getting more and more to like the fun characterful olden days of miniatures, so when deciding what colours to paint these lads I decided to go back to an old Space Marine Codex. Now I actually don't like the bright red and yellows of these 28mm figures, but in 15mm I learning that bright colours can be better (especially with my eyesight!).

All goes well with the painting, and although the uniform is meant to be flat blue the figures were looking a bit plain, so I was forced to try and paint on some shoulder insignia (Gulp!). I doubt if any two are the same, but the one bit of detailing has made the dull blue armour look like it is that way on purpose, not just left unfinished (at least to me) - so aim achieved.

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  1. They are looking good. I, too, have picked up an appreciation for the more “whimsical” style of gaming and painting in the last couple of years.