Thursday, 4 January 2018

Fantasy Scotia Grendel Scenery for 15mm

I've been delving into the Scotia Grendel scenery catalogue for some 15mm terrain.
These are originally designed for 28mm (or more likely 25mm), but certain pieces are scalable to 15mm. In fact some (like the bridge above) I think are better in 15mm. They certainly give you really nice major pieces of terrain for little outlay. The majority of their packs come in at around £8.

These are the first "bare" scale comparison pictures.

I'll be having more of a look through for sure, given how well the bridge works. I know that the Dwarven Fortress seems to be good as well!

Also their Sci-fi range is a good fit, but I'll need a few more pieces for demonstration.

Another post for another day...

[Shameless plug alert]
They are available through the 15mm Skirmish Supplies link to the right.

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